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Our aquafitness equipment is fitted with anti-scratch silicone overlaps that do not harm your pool and its coating.

Our aquafitness equipment is fitted with rollers for transport to facilitate movement in the pool and around it. You can roll your aquabike along the side of your swimming pool to put it in the water and get it out the same way.

You need to check the pH of your swimming pool for your own safety and that of the equipment that you put into it. The pH level fluctuates and is sensitive to various types of contamination; it should ideally be around 7-7.2; below 6.4 or above 7.6 the quality of the water is not guaranteed and may be harmful for bathers and any aquafitness equipment that you were to put into the water.

All WATERFLEX aquafitness equipment is designed in 100% AISI 316 L marine quality stainless steel, which makes it the best in its field. It is designed for daily use submerged in seawater, chlorinated or bromine water.

All WATERFLEX aquafitness equipment is designed to minimise aftersales service and maximise pleasure! In fact, materials are chosen because they are made to last; you just need to take your bike out of the water once a week and rinse it with clear water. No products are required. If you’re not going to use your aquabike for quite a long time, it is recommended that you remove it from the water, rinse it with clear water, dry it with a soft cloth and store it in a dry place without any chemical products nearby.

It’s child’s play, because all the delicate little pieces are already fitted; you will only have the main components to assemble. There is a user manual inside to help you; it details each step using explanatory diagrams.

The particular feature of the aquabike is its great modularity, since it provides dual settings, both in height to adjust the saddle and handlebars and also horizontally to adapt as closely as possible to each person’s body size; all builds and sizes will therefore be able to use it without risk of being incorrectly positioned. There is utmost comfort. You can use our aquabikes if you’re over 1.40m tall; they are not suitable for children.